Chinese New Year 2016 - Year of the Monkey!

Posted February 5, 2016

The Chinese Lunar Year is an important time that date back several centuries with revered traditions and superstitions.  Traditionally, the celebration is a time to celebrate ancestors, family, friends by wishing them good luck, good fortune and lots of happiness! Within China, customs and traditions are numerous and vary widely.  

Here are some of the customs:

- On the eve of Chinese New Year, families get together for a special dinner with specific dishes including noodles, dumplings or cake!
- Families will thoroughly clean their houses in order to sweep out bad luck and invite fortune and good luck in.
- Houses will be decorated with red symbols of "good fortune", "longevity", "happiness" and "wealth."
- Elders will give their family and friends lucky red envelopes with money! (everyone's personal favorite)
- Firecrackers and lion dances are demonstrated to ward off evil spirits.

Now more importantly, are you born under the year of the Monkey?

If you were born:

 Years of the Monkey
  • Feb.20,1920-Feb.7,1921
  • Feb.6,1932-Jan.25,1933
  • Jan.25,1944-Feb.12,1945
  • Feb.12,1956-Jan.30,1957
  • Jan.30,1968-Feb.16,1969
  • Feb.16,1980-Feb.4,1981
  • Feb.4,1992-Jan.22,1993
  • Jan.22,2004-Feb.8,2005
  • Feb.8,2016-Jan.27,2017
  • Jan.26,2028-Feb.12,2029
  • Feb.12,2040-Feb.28,2041
  • Feb.1,2052-Feb.18,2053 

Then you're a monkey! Congratulations!

Your Monkey personality is that you are smart, clever and intelligent, especially in your career and wealth. You are lively, flexible, quick-witted and versatile. In addition, your gentleness and honesty being you everlasting love life.  Your are enthusiastic, self-assured, sociable and innovative.....you sound wonderful!

To celebrate you monkey and of course everyone else, Emerald Chinese Cuisine will be having Lion Dances and a martial arts demonstration during the Chinese New Year period.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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