A Chinese Turkey

Posted December 17, 2015

The Chinese Turkey


As we prepare for the holidays and get ready to celebrate with friends and family, the centerpiece of every meal in North America, is a large roasted turkey. Though, you probably have a better chance winning the lottery than finding a fresh turkey in China!


Instead, China has their own flavorful famous fowl, the Peking Duck. It is enjoyed throughout China but usually reserved for special occasions and banquets because of the artistry in how restaurants prepare it for you. Dating back to the 14th century, the process of cooking a Peking Duck is not easy. It involves numerous steps to prepare the duck and roast it while keeping the skin crispy and juicy, which can take up to a day to prepare.


And as guests are ready to enjoy Peking Duck, they invited to gaze as the chef deftly slices off the crispy skin for the first course right there, tableside. Servers then prepare a duck skin pancake with scallions and hoisin sauce for each individual guest.


We’re not done yet!


The meat of the duck is taken back to the kitchen and prepared in a variety of ways for you. Here, at Emerald we prepare your second course as a stir fry with vegetables and serve it to you as a lettuce wrap.


Now that you’ve learned a little about Peking duck and start to get hungry, be sure to try it the next time you come to Emerald and want to dine on something special. We will be happy to join you tableside and prepare our two-course Peking Duck as a proper Chinese restaurant should.


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Peking Duck Day!


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